Improving the development and health of highly vulnerable patient populations
Increasing the understanding of disease processes and identifying novel neuroprotective treatment strategies
Contributing with internationally highly competitive research and fostering distinguished and competent scientist
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About Us

The overall objective of the Neonatal Neuroprotection group is to identify and evaluate novel neuroprotective interventions to improve development and health in extremely vulnerable clinical populations.

From a clinical perspective, our research focus on three main groups of infants:

  • Infants born extremely preterm,
  • Infants who develop severe cerebral intraventricular hemorrhage, and
  • Infants with severe congenital heart defects requiring surgery assisted by cardiopulmonary bypass

Through our research, we aim to:

  • Build an increased understanding of the processes responsible for the development of brain damage and subsequent neurological and cognitive impairment
  • Identify novel protective treatment strategies in order to improve neurodevelopment

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