Characterization of choroid plexus in the preterm rabbit pup following subcutaneous administration of recombinant human IGF-1/IGFBP-3

Authors:  Niklas Ortenlöf, Suvi Vallius, Helena Karlsson, Claes Ekström, Amanda Kristiansson, Bo Holmqvist, Olga Göransson, Magdaléna Vaváková, Martin Rydén, Galen Carey, Norman Barton, David Ley & Magnus Gram. Fluids and Barriers of the CNS volume 20.   59 (2023)

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Alma Maggey Borgarsdóttir defends degree project thesis

Alma Maggey Borgarsdóttir will defend her degree project thesis in Biomedical Laboratory Science entitled “Mapping of alpha-1-microglobulin during cardiopulmonary bypass circulation in neonates with congenital heart defects”. The defense will take place on Wednesday 31st of May, 2023 at the Faculty of Health and Society, Malmö University

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