Research visit in Debrecen, Hungary

Suvi Vallius visited our long-term collaborators at the Faculty of Medicine in Debrecen, Hungary.

In October a one-man delegation from Neonatal Neuroprotection group visited Debrecen, Hungary, and our long-term collaborator Professor József Balla and his research group at Faculty of Medicine, University of Debrecen. During this one-week visit, new techniques, on how to measure hemoglobin oxidation states, was learned, as well as getting to know to the team and their interesting projects. We are very grateful and happy for the opportunity to visit Professor Balla’s laboratory and express our greatest appreciation to him and his team for their hospitality and are looking forward to future collaborations.

About Professor József Balla (MD, DSc)

Professor József Balla has a long history and extensive knowledge and expertise in heme and hemoglobin stress and stress adaptation in human diseases, in heme, hemoglobin, heme oxygenase, ferritin and ferroxidase. As well as in oxidation of hemoglobin in vascular pathophysiology and vascular diseases such as
atherosclerosis and brain hemorrhage.