Helena Karlsson will participate at the 53rd Scand-LAS Symposium, April 25-28 2023, in Uppsala, Sweden

The theme of the annual Scand-LAS symposium is “How to practically implement the 3Rs and culture of care”.

In 2013 a new directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes came into force. The 3Rs – Replace, Reduce and Refine – are a continuous common thread in the directive. The intentions of the legislators when writing the directive was to further improve animal welfare as well as the working environment for the staff. This gave birth to the concept “Culture of Care”. The program of this year’s Scand-LAS is dedicated to enlighten how the actual practical implementation of the intentions of the legislators has developed during the last 10 years to give hands-on ideas on how to further proceed with the practical implementation in the animal facilities.

Link to the event: https://www.scandlas2023.se/